Scaled Down

'The Tin Palace' is the name appropriately given to this captivating little two-storey building clad entirely with corrugated iron. Built in 1886 and having a number of striking architectural features on its facade like the corner window looking down the street to the port of Lyttelton, it has become something of a landmark in a town which was well known for its fascinating buildings.

'The Tin Palace' has recently been taken over by fashion and jewellery designer Jenny Braithwaite. It has been converted into a beautifully appointed studio and gallery downstairs and a contemporary living space upstairs.

Before the 22nd February earthquake which left Lyttelton devastated and without many of its important older pieces of architecture, 'The Tin Palace' nestled in between two other buildings on the hill looking up Oxford Street. Since then, the street has been left desolate with scarcely any of the original shops or businesses remaining intact. But although it lost its neighbours the day that the quake struck, this building stood firm and if it's an 'Atelier and Ladies' Outfitters' you're looking for, it's well worth a visit!