Scaled Down

Scaled Down grew out of a keen interest in New Zealand domestic architecture, a response to the earthquakes of 2010 - 11 and a concern for the protection of our heritage.

In 2009 I made a scale model of our own family home - a one and a half storey bungalow built in 1927;  because the house has character and it has given us many happy memories.  The model was made during a Christmas holiday and we  liked the idea of seeing our house in miniature to such an extent that it has become a valued possession. Other model buildings were then made for a number of friends and colleagues, and that's how Scaled Down began.

The earthquakes that devastated much of Christchurch in 2010-11 have made us aware of the value we attach to our houses and civic buildings, and the terrible sense of loss we feel at their destruction. As a result of these events and with the renewed interest there is in our architectural heritage, the number of Scaled Down houses has continued to grow. 40 of the nearly 110 models currently made have been earthquake affected buildings.

A career directly involved with art, design and architecture and a longtime interest in finely crafted objects has led very naturally to making architectural models for people who share the same interest and concern for our heritage.

Scaled Down offers you the opportunity to have something more memorable than an architectural drawing or a photograph. You can have an exact replica made at a size that will fit on a bookcase or shelf, on top of the piano or wherever you keep your precious objects.  And you can be assured that like an artwork, it will be the only one of its kind.

Personal, unique and hand-crafted!