Scaled Down

The room G3 in the art block at Burnside High School was built in 1974 and it has stood since then serving as a specialist painting and printmaking room for nearly 40 years.

In 2010 a new, more efficiently planned art and technology block was built containing specialist rooms fitted out for every art discipline. This room will soon disappear under the wrecker's hammer with the rest of G Block to make way for yet another new block to be built on the site.

The model here was made as a gift for someone who taught there for a number of years to remind her of the classroom that meant a great deal to her and to her students.

The structure of the laminated beams supporting the roof is such a visual feature and has such a strong sculptural form that it has been left without the iron cladding that would hide it. The beam ceiling can also be removed to reveal the classroom with all its furniture below.